Stressed • Tense • Feeling Tired • Aches & Pains • Back Ache • Sore Muscles

Whether you exercise or not regular massage helps alleviate these symptoms. It's relaxing and therapeutic with benefits to both body and mind.

Benefits to the body:
• Improves circulation and lymphatic flow
• Calms the nervous system
• Accelerates the healing process


Benefits to the mind:
• Relaxation
• Reduction in tension and anxiety
• Renewal of energy
• Feel good factor



Aromatherapy Massage (pre blended)


A rebalancing therapy that uses pre blended oils to suit your needs and applied using a carefully selected range of light to medium massage techniques.
Aromatherapy is thousands of years old with origins in ancient Egypt, India and the Far East. This deceptively simple therapy has been used for centuries. Modern aromatherapy helps to reduce stress and tension; improve mood; aid relaxation and sleep; or promote a feeling of alertness and invigoration.
The oil is then applied with a rebalancing massage incorporating techniques such as muscle release, and stroking.  During your treatment the oils are absorbed into the body where they go to work.
As the oils warm and vaporise you inhale you can really appreciate the aromatic balance of your blend. As you breathe in and smell the oils they begin to affect the limbic area of the brain. As this is the part that is related to our emotions and memory an aromatherapy massage treatment also gently engages the mind.
Aromatherapy massage is a truly holistic experience.

And as an added bonus: The oils stay with you after the treatment itself ends!


What to expect


Your massage will take place in a warm, quiet, comfortable room. Prior to your massage you will be asked a few general health questions to ensure your safety and discuss your desired outcomes. Your answers may suggest the areas of your body on which to focus the massage.

You will be properly and respectfully covered by towels at all times for your warmth and security.  As the massage progresses the work may become deeper and more specific to your needs. We always encourage an open dialogue between Client and Therapist to ensure the best possible care.

For a full body massage it is best to undress down to your underwear but please don't worry as you will be covered at all times and only the part being massaged will be uncovered.

You should always make sure you are comfortable during your massage. At any time you can move to make yourself more comfortable and relaxed. Some people like to talk whilst others like to close their eyes or fall asleep. You can also ask questions at any time.


How will I feel after a massage


 You will feel the effects of your massage very quickly and this can include:


Effects on the body:
• muscle relaxation
• improved circulation
• improved lymphatic drainage
• calming of the nervous system
• improvement in pain management
• accelerated healing process

Effects on the mind:
• emotional relaxation
• reduction in tension
• renewal of energy
• reduction in anxiety
• increased body awareness
• 'feel good' factor

After your massage you may feel a little light headed or dizzy. Your skin may redden but this is normal and will pass after an hour or so.




 To get the best result from your massage you should:
• drink plenty of water
• take it easy
• be aware of your posture
• maintain a good posture
• Exfoliate and moisturise skin regularly

• Eat healthy

• Exercise regularly


Within 12 hours, you should not:
• eat a heavy meal
• use a sauna, steam room or sun bed
• drink too much caffeine
• drink alcohol
• smoke

What can prevent a massage taking place


 There are many conditions that can prevent a massage from taking place. Some medical conditions require a medical certificate from your doctor before a massage can be given.
Some conditions known as local contra-indications can prevent a particular body part from being massaged but it does not prevent the rest of the body from being massaged.
If you have a medical condition, please speak to your doctor before having a massage.

Medical conditions include:
• Arthritis (Active or Swollen)
• Cancer
• Diabetes
• Embolism
• Epilepsy within the last 12 months
• Heart Disorders
• High Blood Pressure
• Low Blood Pressure
• Oedema (Medical/ Non-Medical)
• Recent Haemorrhage
• Recent Operations
• Thrombosis

Local Contra-indications include:
• Cuts, Abrasions & Sunburn
• Skin Disorders, for example eczema, athletes foot
• Severe Bruising
• Fracture/Sprain
• Swellings
• Varicose Veins

Other contra-indications include:
• You feel unwell, have a fever, flu or high temperature
• You are under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Your well-being and safety is paramount. During your consultation any medical conditions or local contra-indications should be disclosed but please don't worry, we are here to give you the best massage tailored to your individual needs.




 A full body aromatherapy massage lasts 60 minutes, and generally starts with the front of the legs and feet, stomach (optional), arms & hands, Chest, Shoulders, Neck, Face, Scalp  then the back of the legs, and back.

Part body massage is also available, for example, back only, back and legs, legs only.

Cost:      30 mins   £25

           60 mins   £40


Sweets Beauty tailors each massage to suit your individual needs.



 Improve your health and well-being and give your body & mind time to relax. Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy massage.





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